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Fibrous Casings for salami, pepperoni, meats, boneless hams

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The Fibrous Casing is a unique combination of regenerated cellulose applied to a special paper for exceptional strength and diameter uniformity. These casings can be used for a wide variety of applications including pepperoni, salami, lunch meats, boneless hams, and other deli-style processed meats. They are ideal for cutting products requiring precise diameter control. The fibrous casing can also be used for processed and smoked cheeses.

Fibrous casings are designed for consistent mechanical strength and shape stability for dry, semi-dry, charred, and smoked cooked sausages. With a graduated level of meat adhesion, optimum curing properties, and a natural appearance, the fibrous casings are ideal for a variety of applications.

Features & Benefits Fibrous casings

Permeable to smoke, oxygen, and water vapor, while impervious to microorganisms.

Adjustable treatment for easy release through high meat adhesion

Shirred into ready-to-use sticks with high wear resistance and superior stuffing size uniformity for use on automatic stuffing machines.

Available in customized sizes for each application

High-quality line and solid color printing of up to 8 colors provide an increased visual appeal of both product and brand

Suppression of mold growth available with optional SEC and BIO applications

The size range of fibrous covers is from 36 to 200 mm. till

The color range is available in a wide variety of colors (from clear, white, mahogany to black).

Finishing Formats for Fibrous Casings:

  • Reel, Bundle, Slice, and Shird Stick (20M to 70M per shirred stick)

  • non-moisturized

  • Pre-moisturized (no soaking needed)

  • SEC & BIO Anti-mold Treatment

  • Smoke, Color, or Flavor Transfer

  • netted

Print Form: Print forms are available for front and back: 1 to 8 colors.

Constraint options:

Barrier options: Barrier options are available as F PLUS/IC MP® or FVP/OC MP® (internal or external barrier).

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