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Cellulose Casings for Sausage, Meat, Ham

Cellulose casings are regenerated cellulose that can be presented as shirred sticks and is designed for the automated production of tubular sausages such as hot dogs, cooked sausages, dry salami, and pepperoni, mortadella. The casings are also permeable to smoke and water vapor.

Large Cellulose Casing (LCC)

Larger cellulose casings can be used for bologna, mortadella, deli ham, beerwurst, and dried sausage. Large cellulosic casings are designed to give processed meat a cylindrical or oval shape.

Product Features and Benefits: Regenerated Cellulose

• Water vapor permeable to smoke

• Providing customized stretch properties for your products with standard casing or PR for cylindrical shapes and


For oval meat products

• Available pre-moisturized

• Available in reels, bundles, cut pieces, or shard stick finish formats.

Available clear, smoked, or other colors (non-transferable)

• Providing exceptional clarity and a glossy surface to enhance the appearance of the finished product

• Printing up to 6 colors on the front and/or back

size range

• US: 65 to 244 mm . till

• Europe: 34 to 250 mm. till

color range

• clean

• Smoked

• Other colors


the treatment

• REG (no treatment) pre-moisturized

• E-Z PEEL® Easy Release

• SEC Anti-mold Treatment

Finishing Format

• Reels

• bundle

• Cut the Pieces

• Dispersed sticks


• 1 to 6 colors, front and back

We provide the best quality casings for sausage, meat, ham, etc. while meeting the highest food safety standards! We are committed to the continuous improvement of management systems to ensure safe products, superior quality, and complete traceability.


• Covers that are not already moisturized should be soaked in water before use.

Pre-moisturized casings do not require soaking before use.

Stuffing / Shredding:

• Select the appropriate clip size and adjust the clipping pressure to ensure a tight fit without damaging the casing.

• Recommended Stuffing Diameter (RSD) indicates the diameter of the designed material.

Filling below or above these diameters may affect casing performance.

Storage and Handling:

• Use pre-moisturized casing within 1 year of delivery and not pre-moisturized within 2 years

• Store in a cool, dry place

• Avoid hot or cold storage areas

• Store in the original container until use

• Replace unused loose casings with sealed ones in airtight bags in the original container

• Do to avoid harmful content Open cans with knives, not sharp hooks or hook

To know about the Fibrous Casings for salami, pepperoni, meats, and boneless hams click on the given link and send an Enquiry


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